Photography like you have never seen it before!

Welcome to my site! My hope is that you will find here images that resonate in your being in a positive, affirming, and perhaps even calming way.

"Live a life of quiet inspiration" is the guiding idea of my photography. Drop all the hectic details of modern life and have a moment of being one with the deep peace of What is Real.

My goal is to capture the spirit of the natural world. In your home, these photographs will recall the sense of being miles away, care free. These images are contemplative and peaceful, almost meditative in their qualities. Over the years I’ve learned to work with the scene that’s in front of me, rather than chasing a photograph in my head.

I lived for many years near the Smoky Mountains, and owned the William Britten Gallery in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Many of the images that hung on my Gallery walls are available here for purchase, both as prints and digital downloads. You will find the Smoky Mountains images in the Gallery titled Mountain Landscape.

For your next step, I suggest exploring my galleries of photos from the mountains, beach, and various stock photography subjects.

You might also wish to visit my Etsy store: 


Fine Art Photography from William Britten

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